51 days

Day 01 -A picture of you, taken today with the outfit you had today
Day 02 -What's in your makeup bag?
Day 03 -Pictures of your room
Day 04 -Apicture of your cellphone
Day 05 -Aday this year you had a lot of fun.
Day 06 -A song that suits your mood.
Day 07 -A picture of yourself, not by you.
Day 08 -Aphotograph of yourself for two years ago.
Day 09 -What do you always bring with you?
Day 10 -A picture of your favorite outfits.
Day 11 -A picture of it the last time you bought.
Day 12 -Your favorite movie.
Day 13 -What you want more than anything else right now.
Day 14 -Your current wishlist.
Day 15 -Something you regret.
Day 16 -The most beautiful picture of your best friend(s).
Day 17 -A TV show you're addicted to.
Day 18 -A picture of your eye.
Day 19 -A picture of your handwriting.
Day 20 -Write 10 things about yourself.
Day 21 -Write 10 things you like to do in your leisure/sparetime.
Day 22 -Write 10 things that you dont like.
Day 23 -Write 10 things you want to do in the future.
Day 24 -Write 10 things you want.
Day 25 -Write 10 things you can not live without.
Day 26 -Write 10 great memories.
Day 27 -Write 10 of your favorite songs.
Day 28 -Write 10 things you fear.
Day 29 -Write 10 things about how a dream boy shall be.
Day 30 -Tell us about the relationship you're in or about the singlelife.
Day 31 -Where are you in 10 years?
Day 32 -Your views on religion.
Day 33 -A part of your life that you don't miss.
Day 34 -Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.
Day 35 -Your asterisk and if it fits your personality.
Day 36 -A time when you were happy with your life.
Day 37 -How do you hope the future will be?
Day 38 -Put your iPod/iPhone/iTunes on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs.
Day 39 -Describe the day in points.
Day 40 -A place to move to or visit.
Day 41 -Your favorite blogs
Day 42 -Ups and downs the past year
Day 43 -What do you believe in?
Day 44 -Tell us about your family
Day 45 -One of your favorite television series
Day 46 -How have you changed the last two years?
Day 47 -Pictures of five attractive celebrities
Day 48 -One who fascinates you and why
Day 49 -Anything you miss
Day 50 -Goals for the next year
Day 51 -A picture of yourself taken today and two good things has happened in the last 30 days.

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04.02.2013 kl.20:19

Hvorfor blogger du ikke mer!?

Du lurer sikkert p hvem jeg er osv...

Jeg er en som ser opp til deg og du har pratet med meg fr og fikk det inntrykket av at du ikke liker meg, who cares?

Men vil bare at du skal vite uannsett hvor bitch du har vrt med mot meg s ser jeg forsatt opp til deg og har full respekt for deg!

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