Stay strong

Eyo chica. Listen up; No, you're not the skinniest one, the prettiest one, the smartest one or the most popular girl. But you know what? Im not either. There is not a single soul out there without scars. No one is perfect.
So shut up and fuck what everyone says. People that can't mind their own business can go to hell, honey.
They're not worth your tears, your cuts, your time. Nothing. It's time to stand up and fight back. Thats the best you can do, you know you're better than them.
Im gonna be right here by your side, and we're gonna survive this together.
Stay strong.

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30.11.2012 kl.19:48

Så youtube-videoen din om selvskading i stad og vil bare si at du er så vakker, og fortjener alt bra, og håper du har det bedre nå, eller får det bedre snart, fordi du er så god. <3

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